Senior Java Developer

Minsk, Belarus



Come to us to create the best development team in the world. If you love software and it is your life come to us and meet the same people.
We want to work on great things therefore we look for great people.

MEMOS Outsourcing engages in custom software development. We focus our activity on web applications, MS Sharepoint and custom mobile applications.
MEMOS was formed in 2003. It has headquarters in Czech Republic and office in Minsk.
Customers are from USA, Great Britain, Belgium or Denmark. Among our clients are companies like T-Mobile, Lease Plan, Peugeot or Renault.

We have these requirements:
- Java (min 5 years);
- Strong knowledge with AWT and Swing GUI frameworks, J2SE API, frameworks and Java Object Model;
- Strong knowledge of:
1) Server-side Java development (Servlets,RPC, Reflection API implementation);
2) Client – side Javascript.
- Should have an experience with optimizing webpages for display on tablets like iPad and mobile devices like iPhone and Android.

We are looking for:
People with knowledge of good English;
Team players ;
Analytical thinking.

We propose:
International environment;
All official salary;
Payment for developers certifications;
Flexible working hours;
Chance to improve yourself;
Chance to learn new technologies.

Enjoy coming to work with us!